Aux Mains Couleur de Blé


Alexandre BAILLOT & Coralie CAILLET 


Artisanal Bakery & Pastry


Located near Auxerre, in Gurgy, Monéteau and Héry



"Let's hurry to succumb to temptation, before it goes away!" Epicure.

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Aux Mains Couleur de Blé, artisanal Bakery & Pastry based in Gurgy, Monéteau and Appoigny (near Auxerre) perpetuates traditional and hand craft values. Respectull of the environment and life quality, we make sure to follow a sustainable process and consumption approach.

Offering a wide variety of high quality breads, viennoiseries, pastries, flavoured cattering, the whole team will be very happy to welcom you there!

Our Baguettes are not only made of  'Red Label' flours, but we have just created our new baguette called ''Aux blés d'ici", made out of our own mix of 7 varieties of corn that we have selected and have made grown by a local farmer friend.


Our shops are open on sundays and on bank holidays from 6:00 am in Gurgy, from 6:30 am in Monéteau, and from 7:30 am in Appoigny, to 1:00 pm!
We are closed on Thursdays.

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Last edited: 18/07/2024