Aux Mains Couleur de Blé


Alexandre BAILLOT & Coralie CAILLET 


Artisanal Bakery & Pastry


Located near Auxerre, in Gurgy, Monéteau and Appoigny




Masc jongl 8img 10ct final 2Our Viennoiseries


24 hours: This is the necessary time required to complete all of our pure sweet butter. Whether pastry, brioched or waived, our doughs result from traditionnal know how and selected ingredients such as the AOP butter (*) Poitou-Charentes or the high quality of the Valrhona chocolate (barettes, pepers, fondant...) 

(* Designation of Protected Origin. )


Our authentic and traditional pastries benefit from all of our care and are produced only with Superior Quality raw materials.

We propose these delicacies in many variations. You will find both classic pastries and pastries that have been reinterpreted by our care and that are calling for a bit more originality.

Last edited: 04/04/2024