Aux Mains Couleur de Blé


Alexandre BAILLOT & Coralie CAILLET 


Artisanal Bakery & Pastry


Located near Auxerre, in Gurgy, Monéteau and Appoigny



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Our Breads


With respect to craft traditions, we knead, shape and bake all our breads. Mastering a slow kneading and long fermentation, preserves the subtle aromas of breads, in particular the roasted nutty crust and pleasant milky feel of the bread.

Concerned about high values such as quality, traceability and environment, we have chosen the “Agri Confidence” approach for our raw materials. From Baker to Farmer, through Miller, the involvement of all stakeholders in the sector is essential for us.

Our breads of the month:

We always look for discovering new flavors and for offering you subtle and unprecedented mixes. Each month, you will be able to taste our new creations, gourmet, tasty and originals, be it sugared or salted. We think your envies and your desires. We select with our strong criteria of quality, the best raw materials, embelishing our breads.

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Last edited: 04/04/2024